About Sara

Hailing from the midwest over 17 years ago driving a 14' truck by herself with all of her belongings and her cat, Sara was on a mission to pursue a creative career in photography in NYC. After working in all areas around the camera, Sara finally landed in prop and set design which comes very natural to her. Her passion for creating enveloping environments began as a child when she would decorate friends' rooms during sleepovers, which later led her to apprentice during college with an interior decorator. Through countless commercial, editorial, and advertising projects she has established herself as a pragmatic and visionary prop stylist and set designer. Collaborating with clients to get the right idea across, being very hands on, and most of all, crafting specific props and backgrounds are what excites Sara most about her chosen profession. Sara's motto is: "If I can't find it or buy it, I'll probably make it! And even if I can find it or buy it, I'll probably just want to make it."

You can still find Sara driving 14' trucks around the city and country when traveling for work. When not covered in paint or getting burned by a glue gun, Sara daydreams about where she wants to travel next and brainstorms for upcoming projects.